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Keighley StorageHouse removals require a lot of work to be done. Working along with such an amount of unending toil may get you quite exhausted. The packing, loading, delivering, unloading, cleaning, unpacking, and setting the new house is plenty of effort to be done by a single individual. That is why you decide to go up with a house removals company. However, even if you hire the right company, still there can be several ups and downs. The situation may become quite complex when there is an obvious gap between emptying the previous home and transporting all the goods to the new destined place. Supposedly saying, just in case, you have a deadline to empty the previous home, and have not to find the new vacant place, so how will you manage to take care of all the belongings in meantime? Or, you may have acquired the new place as well, yet there are some arrangements to be made such as the electricity, the gas, the other homely facilities, etc. In short, it is quite natural under certain circumstances to be devoid of reaching a new place at the moment, while you must make a move from the house you have been living through. The stress may add up to your shoulders when the things you have are highly sensitive and have a sheer probability of any kind of damage. Although, you pack up the things yet there must be some valid storage to keep the luggage safe. For the small belongings such as documents, ornaments, and other valuables, you can utilize bank lockers. But they cost you high for providing the service. Likewise, the heavy stuff like furniture and pianos cannot be just thrown away. That’s why you need storage service. On the other hand, if you are moving abroad for a real short term, you do not have to transfer all the heavy load alongside. If you do not have personal property, you can opt for the storage facility provided by several house removals companies to store the stuff with protection and safety. Once, you return home or get a place, you can simply take up the belongings back. Storage services keep you at benefit proving the storage insurance as well.

Removals and storage go side by side. Although, the better option is to make a quick transfer of the goods between two houses. However, under certain circumstances, self-storage solutions are the best choice. Not only for the house removals, but rather storage facilities are also equally available for office removals, student removals, and international removals. Depending upon your requirement, you can opt for either short term storage or even the long-term storage. Simply, a removal van will pick up your belongings and the man with a van transport them to the storage warehouse. You can also ask the storage company to provide extra services such as packing and unpacking of the materials. Various options are available depending upon the nature of your goods.


This service is the best with a reasonable estimate when you need to store the items while having quick access. This facility offers you fine storing units with a space leading from small or large lockers to the open vast rooms all built with metal construction. The rooms can be as vast as the size of a double garage depending upon the size of items you need to be preserved. The facility is highly secure with advanced technology locking gates and there is always a monetization from CCT cameras so that no one can breach in and cause any loss to your worthy valuables. You can either utilize the lockers or even the open floor as you like. The cost will be different for locker units and the whole room. Usually, the small items such as documents or books are preferred to be kept safe inside lockers whereas, the furniture or heavy machinery can be stored on room cabinets.


  • There is no limit to access. You can use the facility as many times as you like.
  • You do not have to pay for energy bills.
  • You can utilize the warehouse space units for either domestic, commercial or any other purpose.
  • Depending upon the size of your goods, either the lockers or open space units can be opted for keeping the things in a secure environment.
  • Trolleys or pallet trucks service is free, provided by the company to pick up the furniture or other heavy materials.
  • The facility is always under high surveillance, no one can breach in against your consent. High-quality CCT cameras monitor the whole units. Sensitive alarms are fixed along the whole property to keep an eye on intruders. Likewise, fire alarms are also installed to evacuate the space immediately in case of any accidental event.
  • A fact sheet and summary of insurance are provided with each quote so that you are clear about your cover.
  • Following this option, you can be assured of having a stress-free, hassle-free, and relaxing possession of your belongings without any danger of damage or stealing.

When can you opt for a self-storage unit?

  • Storages save your back at the time of chaos by taking your extra burden and provide you enough way to clear the clutter of your house while removals or renovations. You can opt for them under the following conditions:
  • If there is a construction going on around your premises and you want to clear certain parts of your house, you can opt for a storing facility.
  • If you are making a move and do not have enough space by the new place, you can store the things until the property is set right to make space for further things.
  • If you want to remove your stress on moving day, rather than loading everything you can store certain belongings.
  • You can store everything that you are sure will need in the future but finding a place right now to keep up such as the kid’s toys, the garden tools, the washing machines, dishwashers, wardrobes, bed frames, sofas, etc.

Containerized storage

If you are going away for the long term and need the households to be kept in an affirmative protective facility, the best choice under such a situation is to opt for containerized storage. What do you get from this? Containerized storage service offers you large wooden blocks in which all the packed belongings are loaded. The company will send its truck at your doorstep. The man with a van will take care of all the items you want to be preserved in the furnished containers. The materials will be packed and loaded before your eyes as to provide complete surveillance, and after loading the truck will leave for the warehouse where these containers are stored for a period till you reclaim back the items.

Usually, there are two types of containers. The first is used widely throughout the removals and storage industry as is based on the dimension to house a 250 cubic feet space, a standard 7.5-ton removals truck can be set up to hold 3 of these containers, whilst larger trucks can house between 5-6 containers on one journey. Special trailers can be added that can carry an additional 1-2 containers for larger moves and longer journeys. Whereas, the other type of containers has wider dimensions and can be as large as to house 300 cubic feet space. These containers are most likely to be used during the removals however, under certain situations they are also utilized for storage purposes as well. They offer a benefit in terms of housing space. Since they are huge, hence, only a few boxes can be enough to cover up all the things. Moreover, they are also preferred over the small ones, because they offer an advantage for the load-bearing capacity of the man. Only a few containers do not put much load over the truck whereas, in case of small containers the load may breach the capacity of a van. On the other hand, they also pose a disadvantage in the case of too many materials. Since few containers can be adjusted in the van, so to tackle an excess of materials, more trips are required by the man with a in keighley


  • Containerized storage is the best opportunity to save your cost and get a stress-free job done.
  • Using containers, the risk of any accidental damages during loading, transporting, and unloading is much lessened as compared to the formal method of picking up the goods.
  • Containers provide a fine service for long term solutions
  • Goods are secured in a safe, secure, and dry environment.
  • The belongings also remain free of dust because of the closed seal.
  • Fork lifters load the wooden containers on the removal truck and provide an advantage to pick up all the things from your doorstep. Although they are sealed, upon the client’s request, they can be opened to provide access even during the storing period.

The cost

The cost can vary depending upon several factors. There will be a difference from company to company. However, certain parameters can help you calculate the real and cheap estimate to hire removals or storage company.

  • Most of the companies offer a monthly bill, which means even if you store the things for mere days, you would pay a month’s cost. You won’t want that. Therefore, be clear for how much time you require the facility, and once you decide, search for the companies which help your billing accordingly. A weekly billing is well suited than the monthly package.
  • Be precise about the size of your belongings which you want to store. Do not rush to include the clutter as well. Make an inventory list to separate the immediately required, lately required, and not required items. This is because it would be a terrible waste of money to store the things which are going to throw away afterward.
  • Once you decided the size of your baggage, check out the size of the to be allotted store unit. The store space must be as vast to keep all your things at a time. Do not be trapped into a sales pitch, and make a physical inspection of the unit. This is important because once you have paid for a unit, and it is not enough for your load, you would have to pay an extra price for upgrading the storage unit space.
  • Make a proper estimate before going for a discount deal. You may be tempted by the discounts a moving company may offer, yet the overall cost may get double or triple. This is because, usually, you plan for a certain period to store the things, however, most of the time people store more than expected time. In such cases, the initial discount may be canceled by later add up prices.
  • No matter, how much secure a facility is, you must go for insurance of the things you are going to store.
  • Deciding the terms, make sure, how much amount can you claim back.
  • The best practice is to hire the same company for removals as well as storing the items. This will not only save your time and effort, but you will also be able to save the cost.
  • Check-out the condition of facility, unit, and surveillance to be sure of what you are paying for.

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