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office removals keighleyWhether to expand your business or to relocate the headquarters, office removals should be handled with immense care as your whole economy is going to be moved. Office shifting is not like house moving. You must be quite selective in choosing the things to relocate. Keighley Removals proudly presents its top-notch office move services, taking care of each minute related aspect. Successful office shifting starts right from scratch by planning and setting out a comprehensive agenda. Our experts guide our esteemed clients by sketching a substantial overview of the things you should do before making a move. There would be plenty of things to get rid of, and several additional check-points to be taken care of, depending upon the type and size of your previous and new offices. We suggest our clients clear the clutter before packing the things and use specialized removals boxes to make sure the items remain intact during the movement. Check-out our office moving services to get deep insights further.

Why do you need office removals?

Britain is cultural as well as an economic hub. With the advancement in technologies, the markets have also been increasing worldwide. Europe, especially the United Kingdom is one of the topmost metropolitan economic corridors keeping up the business opportunities and making vertical graph heights in almost every market. With that much market density, it is natural for any newly established or even the already settled business to relocate to squeeze fresh opportunities in other cities or towns. No matter, how much cooperative employees an employer has, to relocate the whole setup is not easy. That’s the point where office removals companies offer their services. Office movers provide their highly skilled and trained staff to collect, pack, and transfer all the stuff in your previous office including office equipment, folders, electronics, furniture, etc. The whole process requires a lot of effort, skill, and ability. Even if the employees are willing to pack up everything themselves and shift over, still they are not trained for this purpose, consequently, the chances to babble up the things may increase. So, if you want to relocate your office, the best tip is to hire a standard and experienced moving company that can save your back at the time of chaos. Depending upon the size of a business, the whole removal process can be finished just by a weekend or more. The practice will be making an inventory list so that you may get sure about what to move or what to leave. You may also ask the employees to arrange their desks and drawers so that when the day comes everything is organized. Under your supervision, the movers can pack up and label your items and deliver them to the destined place. Make sure to discuss every detail with your removalists. Check-out the minute things such as the new office site has proper space to be filled by your goods or if you need to make some new arrangements.

Difference between house removals and office removals

Although it may look like house removals, however, office moving is rather simple than shifting the huge luggage of a home. Some home removing companies also provide the business shifting service. On the other hand, many mover firms have specialized only in commercial relocation services. The major difference is in the number and types of goods. Houses have a load of furniture and other versatile amenities. Several heavy and weighty materials such as huge lockers and pianos are very difficult to be loaded and shifted. Contrarily, the offices usually contain desks, drawers, tables and other not so heavy furniture pieces. Some of such furniture can also be disassembled to make the transport even easier. These may include the legs of tables and shelves. One can conclude the office shifting does not require much stuff to be dismantled as in case of the house move. Another striking difference is in terms of timings. House moving can be done during usual weekdays; however, business relocations are normally carried out at weekends.Keighley Office Removals

Are office removals easy?

One may get an idea; business relocation and office move do not require much effort. No doubt, it is much easier when compared with shifting a whole house, but again it depends upon several factors.

  • Size: The size of your business is among the chief elements deciding the difficulty level for a move.
    Number and types of items: Depending upon the nature of a business, one may have fragile, antique, and highly valued things. Such items require special care and are wrapped within specific packing materials
  • Accessibility: Even if you have a small office, accessibility is important. Let’s just say, the office is located on the 9th or 10th floor, the difficulty level will increase and so will be the case with its cost. Moreover, keep in mind that the use of stairs or elevators would affect the final price too.
  • Parking: Workplace premises is very important to be considered while making a quote. The company will send its man with a van to an address, but what if the parking is not allowed in that area! The van will be parked away in such a case or at some other parking, obviously, the price will be added to the client’s bill. Be clear in providing such details before making an estimate or an online quote.
    Once you have considered all such details, you can make a stress-free move ahead.

Finding the right office removals company

No matter, how much prepared you are, if you made a mistake to hire the right company, the whole relocation can be devastated. These days, several firms are available and each of them claims to be the best. So, what should you do to select the one out of numerous alternatives? What are the standards that can help you mark the right option? Never be alluded by anyone. Take your time and do comprehensive research right before you plan to relocate your workplace. Here are some of the important points you must consider before hiring a removals company.

  • Portfolio: Whatever company you hire, must check its experience in the relevant field. An inexperienced, untrained or unprofessional firm will get you a loss of money as well the service. You can read the testimonials or can go through the portfolio to get some insights about the real business, the milestones a company has covered, and the quality of service offered.
  • Easy to access: The best option is to choose the office removals company that is near your property. For example, if you are in the Keighley area, you do not have to hire a company from a very far off-site.
  • Check-out the reviews: A good company must have an online repute for providing the top-notch removals service. You can ask from your friends and family or even can check out the reviews on different social media platforms. However, there may be a chance of fake or forged reviews, keep eyes wide open to not be trapped. Trust only the most authentic sources.
  • Quotes: Estimate by getting online quotes. Usually, a cost calculator is provided by every company. Some companies may offer very cheap estimates and can add extra costs afterward. On the other hand, some may offer very affordable quotes, however, the quality of service may be detrimental. Do not fall prey towards cheap prices, a good company must provide you the best service as well.
  • Comparative analysis: Search at least 5 companies and compare the standards. Doing a comparative analysis of all the companies will give you a fine idea about their quality of service, packages, and the cost. Finally, making a combo with your requirements, a perfect firm can be hired. The best company will not only provide you the best service at affordable prices but will also guide you about related aspects.

Tips to make office removals

Removals are never easy, and when you must do plenty of other works, it becomes quite complex. Every action requires a fine plan, following the exact protocol you can save your time, hassle, and the cost. Here are some of the tips that you may follow to make your business relocation a sole stress-free job.

Keighley Office Moving

  • Start planning 3 or 4 months before the removals date. This is because improper or hassled planning can enhance the chances of possible damages. You need to keep everything intact so that the revenue may not be lowered. Therefore, we suggest, startup by making an inventory checklist earlier.
  • Ask the removalists firms to physically visit your workplace premises so that they may give you a proper estimate. Comparing up the multiple quotes, you can choose the best option that is cheap with promising quality.
  • Once you hire a firm, discuss all the things about your stuff and confirm whether they will provide the service for special equipment or electronics. In some cases, the apparatus must be disassembled from its place. Professionals are hired to proceed for such situations. Some companies offer their professionals, or on the other hand, they may ask you to dismantle the equipment by yourself. Make sure, whether there is an alignment between what you require and what they offer, or you will need some extra service from a third party as well.
  • If you must make all the arrangements individually, the best time to move is either Saturday or Sunday. It will save your working day revenue without disturbing the routine work. If your employees agree to help in the process, probably you can move on Thursday after office hours giving a long weekend off to the employees to credit their support and involvement in the effort.
  • Insurance is very important for your items. Discuss with the hired company what are their policies in this regard and case of any accidental damages up to what limits you can claim the amount. Also, check whether the company is officially licensed by governing authorities to provide such services or not.
  • Visit the new workplace to analyze the space and make measurements so that you may have an idea which stuff is to be placed at which cornet after unpacking the boxes.
  • Make a layout of the new workspace so that when the luggage is arrived by the van, everything is settled properly. Discuss your plans with your employees as well so that everything may go smoothly.
  • Clear the clutter and get rid of unwanted things. Depending on the requirements of the new workplace, you must take only the necessary things. Keep the mess as less as possible. A very practical effort would be to keep the luggage as less as you can.
  • Unless you hire full-service office movers, hiring a removals manager can save a lot of headaches, as he or she can coordinate with the moving team, furniture delivery, IT install team, etc. If you don’t hire a move manager or full-service removalist to handle the details for you, at least create a rough sketch of the floor plan at destination so that the movers know where to place the furniture.
  • Mark up each piece to be moved with colored stickers or labels (such as one color per floor or department) so that the removalists know where to place them in the new office. Make the color codes accessible to everyone.
  • Once the day arrives, make proper arrangements to secure the scene an prevent any injuries or accidents. Ask your staff to evacuate the place if they have nothing to offer so that the relocating staff may do their work with proper attention and care. If your staff is also involved, make sure they do not lift the heavy items or touch bare wires.
  • Do not forget to label the boxes so that unpacking materials may not cause any worries.
    Supervise the removals van while loading the stuff. Either you or someone on your behalf must be present at the new office site as well so that when the van arrives, the belongings be unloaded appropriately.
  • Do not sign the documents until everything has been delivered. Make sure nothing is stolen or damaged.
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