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Budget Friendly Travelling Tips – The Best Three Bed and Breakfast in Keighley

For a traveller that has a limited budget for accommodations, bed and breakfasts are really a very appealing choice. They offer comfortable accommodations, and usually a very fulfilling meal the next morning when you wake up. Most important of all though, you get to enjoy all of that while not having to worry about spending too much money.

Throughout the years of working with my Keighley office removals client as a consultant, I have been able to check out plenty of bed and breakfast services in the town. For the most part, I always try to look for one that can offer me the best comfort and quality accommodations, for prices that are very reasonable for the services that I receive. With that being said, below are what I would consider as the best three bed and breakfast services in the town of Keighley.

The Old Registry Haworth

Situated at the cobbled Main Street of Haworth, The Old Registry Haworth is a great place to stay at during any visit to such a unique village in Yorkshire. This bed and breakfast has a total of 9 en-suite bedrooms, all of which are of great quality, and are decorated and themed individually. In addition to having four-poster luxury beds, all of the double rooms that they have available, come with very scenic views for their guests. As for breakfast, The Old Registry provides guests with perfectly cooked meals that use only the finest local ingredients.


Park Top House


The Park Top House provides travellers with an excellent mix of convenience, value, and comfort. This has made it one of the premiere bed and breakfast options for people travelling to Keighley. Apart from having a wide range of amenities that aim to cater to any traveller, this place is also very well-known for having a very family-friendly atmosphere. Lastly, throughout their stay in the Park Top House, guests will be able to enjoy free breakfast. That alone makes this place and ideal accommodation choice for any person that is travelling on a budget.

Ashmount House 

For travellers that are looking to have the best relaxing retreat in Keighley, then the Ashmount House is an excellent choice. This bed and breakfast is great if you want to bask in the beautiful landscapes that the town has to offer for travellers. The accommodations they offer their guests are all in a traditional setting, making them ideal for the best relaxation and comfort experience. Overall, this place is great for people that seek a bed and breakfast that offers a range of services that are both wide and flexible as well.


There are plenty of other options in Keighley today when it comes to bed and breakfast services. However, if you really want to get the best out of the money you spend on such accommodations, then these three are really your best options. All of them are very capable of providing travellers with the comfort they seek from accommodations during their travels. Additionally, each of these bed and breakfast establishments, are also known to offer great quality food as far as breakfast is concerned.

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